Weingut Mehofer - Neudeggerhof.

Our family has been living on the estate for more than 300 years, constantly trying to work innovatively and in harmony with nature. We are very lucky that our parents had already decided to start organic production in 1992 - we can now continue this early tradition of making sustainable wines that make our customer happy and support our unique wine region - Wagram. Enjoy

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  • What it is all about...
  • We produce organic since 1992
  • We live a 300 year old history
  • We care about energy efficiency
  • We protect our environment
  • We support regional producers
  • We enhance biodiversity
  • We act social responsible

What it is all about

„Naturgemäsz“ gives you the certainty to enjoy wine that is produced not only organically but with a wide, comprehensive understanding of our every day lives and its impact on nature and environment.  Enjoying Mehofer products ensures you to enjoy „naturgemäsz“. We give you seven reasons why this is so unique... 

We produce organic since 1992

It was already 25 years ago when our parents decided to introduce organic production in our every day working processes. They cared about environmental developments and about its impacts on nature and human lives. Ever since, organic production not only in the vineyards and in the cellar but also in our every day life has been of high importance for us. 

We live a 300 year old history

In 1709 our ancestors bought the „Neudeggerhof“ estate. We – the 10th generation – still live and work here today. Accounting for the past and working for the future, our aim is to preserve this valuable heritage and thus secure a sustainable future for our successors. 

We care about energy efficiency

100 % of our heating system is provided by wooden chips produced in our own forests and by our own solar panels. We also run photovoltaic cells to produce energy and our own industrial water supply.

Furthermore, you may have recognized that our bottles are often lighter than those of others. That’s because we particularly care about the CO2-emissions caused by glass production and wine shipping. In reducing the weight of the bottles, we are able to reduce the amount of glass used, thus reduces the CO2-emission during the glass production as well as during the transportation of our wines to your home.

We protect our environment

We insulate our buildings with reproducing resources such as cellulose and wood fibre to protect them from harsh environmental influences. Besides, we clean our cellars without any chemicals and only use organic seeds in our vineyards, of course.

As a result of using less glass in the bottle production the size of the boxes to transport our wine has also been reduced. The most important consequence of diminishing our boxes and furthermore avoiding using tapes to close them, is less waist! 

We support regional producers

All casks that are used to ferment and store our wines, are produced by Austrian barrel-makers and made out of wood from our own or nearby forests. We also use our own wood for construction works in our winery, our homes and our restaurant „Lösshof“. In our restaurant, we serve you delicious organic wine from our Wagram region, organic Austrian beer and regional specialities. You can also taste our „Schnaps“ – all made out of fruits grown in our own gardens! 

We enhance biodiversity

Buzzing and tweeting! We protect birds in our vineyards and bees in our gardens. Luckily, they also provide us with sweet, delicious honey. Moreover, we help to protect public green spaces in the Wagram region to preserve biodiversity – both regarding plants and animals. 

We act social responsible

In reopening our typical Austrian restaurant „Wirtshaus im Lösshof“ we created valuable jobs for people living in our Wagram region. There is also an association of artists called „ArtWagram“ that is supported by our winery. It also holds annual exibitions in our art gallery. We also sponsor wine for non-profit projects such as „Auro-Danubio“ and  support wine education in providing tasting samples, etc.

 live #naturgemäsz! 

Restaurant „Wirtshaus im Lösshof" in Großriedenthal

We are very happy to have our very own restaurant opened since April 2015! Eva and her husband - as well as chef - Andi serve typical Austrian food in a highly historical, relaxed and cosy atmosphere. All dishes are accompanied by regional organic wine and outstanding beer specialities. Furthermore, you can buy our whole wine range in the restaurant which is situated just one kilometre from our winery. See also: www.loesshof.at 

Opening Hours: Thursday evening till Sunday noon
Address: Haupstraße 18 | 3471 Großriedenthal | Phone: 02279 7224 | wirtshaus(at)loesshof(dot)at
You can also stay with us overnight or visit our gallery with varying regional art exhibitions. 


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